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Quick update!

Hello everyone,

I wanted to let you know I have been spending the past few days trying to find one of my books from my undergrad days entitled “Influence,” by Dr. Robert Caldini. I was going to spend a few post talking about how psychologist research the art of persuasion, what techniques a salesman might use, and how this plays out in politics. However, the book still evades me! I may have lent it to a friend or two, but I’m sure it couldn’t have gotten too far.

That aside, I plan on talking a bit about a sub-component of influence in the next post – authority. These classic studies are well known to people who’ve taken a few psychology courses, but they are still worth mentioning. Not only did these studies have incredible findings, but they would also be practically impossible to get through a review board these days. Yes, I’m talking about a few of the good old classic, and unethical, studies by Dr. Stanley Milgram and a later study by Dr. Phillip Zimbardo.

Hopefully, by the time I finish the next major post, I will have located my book on influence. I just want to ensure I get my citations correct!

See you soon!




1 Comment

  1. megangeyer says:

    influence is one of my favorite books! Looking forward to your future posts!

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