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Job report 2/15/2012

Every now and then your job hunt gets thrown for a loop with a promising interview. It’s hard to think about sending out new applications and comb through job postings right after an interview that you think went really well. I was extremely enthusiastic about this particular job posting. I’d say because it matches up with my education and experience as a research assistant very well.

Until I hear a yes or no from the group, I can’t really give out any further details. It could be from a few days to a few weeks of waiting, as well. So within the next few days I will be going back over the job postings that I had missed which means I have a lot of reading to do. Normally, I check a few job boards every 24 hours, so I only have to see the new postings. Having to mill through old stuff can be pretty bad, especially if the company is already flooded with applicants. It’d be best to be one of the earliest ones, I suspect.

My next psychobabble post is a work in progress. It will be looking at self-esteem and contingencies of self worth. I’m actually having to read through the source articles again to make sure I’m interpreting things correctly, which is a good thing. I’ll try to make the post a bit shorter than my Valentine’s day one, though!


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