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Job report 2/10/2012

Today’s job hunt went extremely well today. I have been helping around the house preparing for my grandfather’s birthday that is being held here, so I did not send out a lot of applications. However, I did line up a phone interview with a really good match. When I say good match, I mean the company is looking for someone with my education and experience. I also really like the kind of work they do, but I will be able to go into further detail at a later date.

I’ve had a few phone interviews in the past, and they always seem a bit strange. It’s not something we talked about in school, but they appear to be quite common these days. In some cases they are just HR screenings. These are to be treated with the same weight as the interview with the hiring manager, but they do not always get into the same level of detail as a face to face interview (from my experience). The last phone interviewer I spoke with was asking me to expand on all the details I had listed in my resume, which is nice. It’s always great to have someone ask you to tell them more about what you have done with your career thus far, and what assests you are bringing to them.  

Hopefully good news will be coming soon!


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